2561 Brighton Circle    Biloxi, MS  39531

What's happening in Ward 5   09/21/14

SEPTEMBER      See detailed Sept Calendar

23  Council Meeting  1:30  DOCKET

30  No Council Meeting on 5th Tuesday
07  Council Meeting  6:00  DOCKET
21  Council Meeting  1:30  DOCKET


Big Lake Rd >>> 25 mph!

Street light out in Ward 5?

Mississippi Power Co. at 1-877-656-1836

Pick up debris, trimmings, etc.

Public Works at 228-435-6271

Farmers' Market now open!
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00a - 4:00p under
the I-110 bridge overpass, Howard Avenue.          228.297.6800

2561 Brighton Circle    Biloxi, MS  39531

Channel Mark/Cove Update                           09/11/14

I spoke with the HNTB representative yesterday morning; here's the latest: (1) Some ramps, installed to comply with ADA (American Disability Act) requirements, are being re-worked; (2) video footage of the installed drainage pipes indicate moisture at some joints; the pipe manufacture says the pipe will "cure"... HNTB notes there should be no moisture at the joints and is directing the contractor to install a plastic sleeve in the pipes (in situ) and heat to seal the joints; this must be done at the contractor's expense... contractor and pipe manufacturer are trying to resolve this issue... Liquidated Damages are running at $600/day; (3) once these issues are settled, a "walk through" will be conducted to construct a "punch list" of items that need to be completed; (4) the contractor then has 30 days to correct items on the punch list; it may take less than 30 days, and (5) No one is putting a date on final paving, the last item to be completed on this project.  I'm hopeful it will be mid-October. 

       Amended Budget Adopted 09/20/14

The city council adopted a balanced, amended budget which increased the General Fund balance at Tuesday's meeting, 09/16/14.  Departmental budgets adopted 09/09/14 were not affected.  City millage/taxes were not increased.  (Note: Your annual tax bill consists of City Tax, County Tax and School Tax.)  City millage has not increased since 1989; a mill currently generates about $585,000.  I also did a bit of research comparing the city's current manpower to past years, for those who might be interested.



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      No Shortcut during Cruising              09/21/14

The Coliseum "shortcut" will not be available during Cruising the Coast, October 5-12, because of event activities scheduled to occur in the west parking area.