2561 Brighton Circle    Biloxi, MS  39531

What's happening in Ward 5   09/22/14

SEPTEMBER      See detailed Sept Calendar

23  Council Meeting  1:30  DOCKET

30  No Council Meeting on 5th Tuesday
07  Council Meeting  6:00  DOCKET
21  Council Meeting  1:30  DOCKET


Big Lake Rd >>> 25 mph!

Street light out in Ward 5?

Mississippi Power Co. at 1-877-656-1836

Pick up debris, trimmings, etc.

Public Works at 228-435-6271

Farmers' Market now open!
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00a - 4:00p under
the I-110 bridge overpass, Howard Avenue.          228.297.6800

2561 Brighton Circle    Biloxi, MS  39531

Channel Mark/Cove Update                           09/11/14

I spoke with the HNTB representative yesterday morning; here's the latest: (1) Some ramps, installed to comply with ADA (American Disability Act) requirements, are being re-worked; (2) video footage of the installed drainage pipes indicate moisture at some joints; the pipe manufacture says the pipe will "cure"... HNTB notes there should be no moisture at the joints and is directing the contractor to install a plastic sleeve in the pipes (in situ) and heat to seal the joints; this must be done at the contractor's expense... contractor and pipe manufacturer are trying to resolve this issue... Liquidated Damages are running at $600/day; (3) once these issues are settled, a "walk through" will be conducted to construct a "punch list" of items that need to be completed; (4) the contractor then has 30 days to correct items on the punch list; it may take less than 30 days, and (5) No one is putting a date on final paving, the last item to be completed on this project.  I'm hopeful it will be mid-October. 

       Amended Budget Adopted 09/20/14

The city council adopted a balanced, amended budget which increased the General Fund balance at Tuesday's meeting, 09/16/14.  Departmental budgets adopted 09/09/14 were not affected.  City millage/taxes were not increased.  (Note: Your annual tax bill consists of City Tax, County Tax and School Tax.)  City millage has not increased since 1989; a mill currently generates about $585,000.  I also did a bit of research comparing the city's current manpower to past years, for those who might be interested.

      No Shortcut during Cruising              09/21/14

The Coliseum "shortcut" will not be available during Cruising the Coast, October 5-12, because of event activities scheduled to occur in the west parking area.

      Balmoral Avenue Update                      09/22/14

I spoke with Public Works director, Dan Gaillet recently and will post information when I receive it related to: (1) Project start date (late October?), (2) Number of days scheduled to complete the project, and (3) Date, time and location of the Pre-Construction meeting.

      Cove Drive Streetlights                          09/22/14

I became aware today of an issue with the streetlights on Cove Drive, i.e., some of the lights are not working and have not worked for some time.  I'll follow up with Mississippi Power.  The number to call to report streetlights that are out is noted in the column to the right.