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What's happening...                         04/18/14


22  Council Meeting  1:30   DOCKET

  6  Council Meeting  6:00   DOCKET
20  Council Meeting  1:30   DOCKET
27  Council Meeting  1:30   DOCKET


Cove Drive, Channel Mark                  04/18/14

Day 265 of 320 day contract... Curb installation is underway at the north end of Channel Mark on Channel Place. 


Big Lake Rd > Speed limit is 25 mph!

Water Meter Info                                                  03/29/14
You still have access to your water meter but be careful not to disconnect the wires to the round disk that transmits your billing data!  Your water key, if you have one, still works to cut off the water in the event of a leak.  Sometimes the valve "sleeve" twists and the water key won't quite fit.  If that's the case and you have a water leak, call Public Works for assistance, 228.435.6271.

Big Lake & Oakridge Circle              04/18/14

Advertisement for replacement of the collapsed drainage line from the western edge of Big Lake Road west to the old golf course will begin April 10, bid opening May 14, work to begin in late June.

Park View Lift Station                           04/18/14

Bid's being evaluated and reviewed; only 1 bidder; project may be re-bid.

Balmoral Avenue Drainage Repair  04/18/14

Bids are being evaluated and reviewed (04/04); nothing new to report.  Hoping equipment's onsite in June...

Paving Big Lake & Beach View             04/18/14

Revised reolutions will be on the May 6 Agenda; some of the cost will be borne by the county.  Thank you Supervisor Rockco!  No firm date on when milling starts...

Social Services Funding Issue  04/18/14

WLOX Report 04/16/14       City Desk Report 04/16/14

The city refers to social service agency funding requests, and requests by other organizations, as "Non-Departmental Requests".  The following Non-Departmental requests were funded this fiscal year:

**Contract obligation, interlocal agreement, or item
    was approved when FY 14 Budget was approved

**Coast Transit Authority, $280,000

Council of Governments, $600

Fire Department Museum, $6,000

**George Ohr Museum, $54,000

**Greater Biloxi Economic Development, $16,000

**Gulf Regional Planning Commission, $20,000

**Harrison County Library, $695,000

**Harrison County Soil Conservation, $4,000

**Main Street, $2,800

MLK Jr. Coast-Wide Celebration, $2,000

**USM Advanced Education Center, $115,952

MGCCC Mississippi Bowl, $2,800

**Seafood Museum, Management, $48,000

**Seafood Museum, Advertising, $19,200

**Seafood Museum, Sea Camp, $6,400

Total funded... $1,272,752

Total requested but not funded...$749,069

At the end of March, Sales Tax Revenue was up $148,500 but Gaming Revenue was down $634,600.

Street light out in Ward 5?                04/18/14

Call it in to Mississippi Power Co. at 1-877-656-1836