2561 Brighton Circle    Biloxi, MS  39531

What's happening in Ward 5     10/21/14

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28  Council Meeting  1:30  DOCKET
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4:45 Special Meeting to discuss Tree Ordinance


Big Lake Rd >>> 25 mph!

Street light out in Ward 5?

Mississippi Power Co. at 1-877-656-1836

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Public Works at 228-435-6271

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2561 Brighton Circle    Biloxi, MS  39531

       Balmoral Update                           10/18/14

I spoke with th Director of Public Works, Dan Gaillet 10/17/14: (1) the contract to complete the Balmoral Avenue project is about 365 calendar days; (2) the contractor's meeting with Necaise Brothers, the contractor for this project, HNTB, the construction manager for all "Restore Biloxi" projects, and city engineers will be conducted October 20; (3) a "Start Date" will be established and a pre-construction meeting with Edgewater Park residents will be established (look for a notice in the mail); (4) Suggestions: (A) Take pics/video of your property and home before this project begins; it may help if you later if you believe your home, driveway, etc., was damaged during the course of this project;(B) Write down any questions you have about this project and bring them with you to the Pre-Conference meeting;

(C) Make note of HNTB's project supervisor's name and cell phone number..., he'll be ale to answer most of your questions as the project progresses.

Park View, Walda Lift Stations10/12/14

The bid of Necaise Brothers Construction, $696,899, was accepted to renovate these lift stations. (These projects were bid earlier but the bids were higher than expected so they were re-bid.)  I'll post a timeline on this project as soon as I get the information.  After the lift station project I hope to see us move forward on milling and paving Park View.

        Channel Mark & Cove Drive            10/18/14

I spoke with Marvin Dalla Rosa, HNTB, earlier this week:

(1) Some of the "disability ramps" will be re-located; some will have to be modified, i.e., the angle of the slope changed; some may be removed entirely; there are no sidewalks on Cove Drive so it's not an issue there; (2)  the contractor, Necaise Brothers, will correct the cracked/leaking pipe issue by inserting a plastic sleeve inside the pipe and heating it to coat the inside and seal the (possible) leak(s)... liquidated damages have been incurred ($600/day) during this delay; (3) the Punch List (items to be corrected) has yet to be constructed, once that's be established, the contractor has 30 days to correct what's on the list; (4) last to be done will be the second/final layer of asphalt. No specific dates have been mentioned; when I learn of those dates I'll post them here..

      The Enclave & River Place 10/18/14

The concrete panels in worst shape have been marked up in orange (lines/arrows), others in white, to permit contractors to calculate their bids to replace those panels (orange will be replaced; white... "maybe"... as an alternate bid, depending on the cost). Bids are expected to be received in early November; work to begin about the latter part of December or January; I'll most more information/dates as it becomes available.

        Oakridge Circle & Big Lake            10/18/14

The Oakridge Circle drainage project is off to a great start; this drainage repair is decades overdue, literally! Once the first part of this project is done, the Big Lake part will begin (Big Lake west to Oakridge Circle); traffic will use Oakridge when the drain under Big Lake is replaced... still a few weeks away.  Upon completion, I'll have Public Works check out the "dip" in Big Lake farther north by Hampton Lane.  After corrective measures there, the plan is to mill and pave Big Lake, still months into the future.   I'll post dates as they become available; thank you for your patience.

        Streetlights on Cove Drive 10/18/14

After a couple of conversations with Mississippi Power Company over the past two weeks, the burned out light bulbs on some of the affected lights and terminal connections (which had been overlooked in a previous project) have been completed and all the streetlights on Cove are functional.  Thank you Stephen Schruff, new District Manager, for being so responsive to the residents of that neighborhood.

        Old Golf Course Property by Keesler Credit Union on Pass Road                         10/21/14

This property was surveyed several weeks ago to (1) determine the legal boundaries of the property and (2) determine if there was any encroachment by neighboring property owners.  The property, privately owned and currently for sale, has generated interest from two prospective developers with residential projects in mind.  No sales agreement has been finalized at this time.  The property owner is not involved in the development.